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The 18th Annual PCRC Rally

Arrive Wednesday July 5th - Depart Thursday July 6th 2017
Pre-Rally Welcome Party at Country Trails Inn - (888-378-2896)
809 Hwy 52 North - Preston, Minnesota 55965

Arrive Thursday July 6th - Depart Saturday July 7th 2017
Chestnut Mountain Resort - (800-397-1320)
8700 W Chestnut Mountain Rd, Galena IL 61036

Arrive Saturday July 8th - Depart Sunday July 9th 2017
Motel 6 - (608-326-8404)
533 N. Marquette Rd, Prairie Du Chien WI 53821


- Registration

bullet A full registration (all days) is $65. NOTE - Rally shirts will not be available for purchase.

bullet Please register onsite at the Rally during the scheduled hours.

TENTATIVE Schedule Highlights (details in the Rally Brochure):

- DAY 1 - Wednesday July 5th - Pre-Rally Welcome Party and Registration at Country Trails Inn, Preston, Minnesota

- DAY 2 - Thursday July 6th - Group Ride from Country Trails Inn to Galena IL. Then on to the Chestnut Mountain Resort at Galena.

- DAY 3 - Friday July 7th - Group rides TBD

- DAY 4 - Saturday July 8th - Ride to Potosi WI to Brewery for a tour. Then to Boscobel and then to Prairie du Chien.

- DAY 5 - Sunday July 9th - Depart for Home!

If you have specific questions, please email us!